Lacking focus? Tired and burnt out?

Lacking Focus?

Sometimes you are just tired, and you wonder why you keep going? Or is it me?

People often ask when to stop, when to give up, when is it enough? All these questions are important, and in this post I will help you understand how to cope.  Every person reaches their point of exhaustion…  When is it ok to take a break?  Take a breather?


Need it perfect? It takes time, but these 3 fast tips will help you

Perfection is good, but the pursuit of perfection it tireless...


Perfect? What do I mean by that?  You can be perfect, but it will require ALOT of time to get there.  You have heard the saying I am sure: “If I had unlimited time and unlimited resources, that would be easy”.  Reality is that the is not the case right?  In my experience, the inability to get things “perfect” freezes people to the point of in-action.  Let me show you how you can beat the odds.

You can get much better results in your business without frustrating yourself and others.


I need help! Do I need to do more? The secret to success.

When it comes to Improvement, how do I know I am doing enough?

overwhelmed man asking for help

Improvement should not be a mystery…

If I had a crystal ball, I could predict your success in business.  But since I don’t have one, I can use these three measuring sticks as a starting point.  Many people I work with wonder how to gauge if they are doing enough to improve.  These three levels will let you know if you are on par to breakthrough performance for your business.


Improvement today? YES – Why you can’t wait ‪until tomorrow.

Never put improvement off...


Improvement should start today.  Let me tell you how.

Improvement today? The typical complaint I hear is: “… but I don’t have time…” ever heard that? I’m sure you say it more than you think.  This is a problem that most people struggle with.

There are three things you can do right now to make improvement a priority:

  • no excuses
  • make time
  • pick one