4 Ways to beat the top killers of time and resources (Part 1)

Not your momma’s Lean Cuisine


Did you notice you are losing time and money in your business, but can’t figure out where it is going?  Then this series of posts are for you!  I will cover the 8 killers of productivity and waste.  Yes I call this one “Not your momma’s Lean Cuisine”, because it is based on Lean principles taught in many process improvement courses.

The secret here?  I break it down into easy to understand pieces.  Buckle up and let’s jump in….


Busy small business owner? 10 minutes to gain peak efficiency in your business

Want your business to fire on all cylinders? Read this.

Want efficiency? What are you waiting for?

Little child girl plays superhero. Child on the background of sunset sky. Girl power conceptGive me 10 minutes to gain peak efficiency.  You must be tired of spending many hours working on things that shouldn’t take that long.  Time is valuable, you should spend enough time, but not too much.  I have seen people spend way too much time on things that should take 5 minutes.

Why not use a process that will help you peak efficiency?  It is a balance to spend enough time, but not waste your time on things that don’t matter.  How many times have you wanted to go for a 1 mile run that you wanted to run in 9 minutes?  I send you out with no GPS, no watch, no time marker, or distance marker… Could you do it?  Of course not!  You need a plan and tools to help you.  These 10 steps are exactly that, a roadmap to help you achieve more in your business.


(Read more to get your free 10 Steps to Peak Efficiency Roadmap)


Hidden uses for security cameras you never guessed…

Got security cameras? Use them for way more than security, they can help your business improve!

security camera or cctv camera on ceiling with retail shop backgroundCameras in today’s world are everywhere.  Recent studies revealed that we are captured on cameras more than 75 times per day…  Scary right?  What if I tell you that you can use your business’ cameras to your advantage?  Not for evil, but to help you perform better.

Did you invest in security cameras for your business?  Want to improve customer service, product consistency, and reduce cost?  Need an edge for your business?  Then this post is for you.


Never stress about data again, 4 practical steps

No secret here...

Surprised shocked business woman with alarm clock looking at smart phone with funny face expression late for meeting isolated grey wall background. Human face expression, emotions, feelings, reaction

There are 4 types of data everyone must know about.  In everyday life, there are many things you can measure.  As I have mentioned before, what you measure you can improve.  Most people I talk to, always get stressed out when they talk about data.  There is no need!  It is so easy to measure everyday things.  In this post I will talk about the main 4 categories: Measurement, Time, Defects, Proportion

Don’t stress over data and graphs, because I will make it super easy for you.  Find out how…