Busy small business owner? 10 minutes to gain peak efficiency in your business

Want your business to fire on all cylinders? Read this.

Want efficiency? What are you waiting for?

Little child girl plays superhero. Child on the background of sunset sky. Girl power conceptGive me 10 minutes to gain peak efficiency.  You must be tired of spending many hours working on things that shouldn’t take that long.  Time is valuable, you should spend enough time, but not too much.  I have seen people spend way too much time on things that should take 5 minutes.

Why not use a process that will help you peak efficiency?  It is a balance to spend enough time, but not waste your time on things that don’t matter.  How many times have you wanted to go for a 1 mile run that you wanted to run in 9 minutes?  I send you out with no GPS, no watch, no time marker, or distance marker… Could you do it?  Of course not!  You need a plan and tools to help you.  These 10 steps are exactly that, a roadmap to help you achieve more in your business.


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Validate: 3 Steps to guarantee your success!

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Validate is the next step in your ItIsEasy roadmap.  This is where the rubber hits the road.  When I work with people, they are always anxious to get to this step.  Why you ask?  Because now is the time to implement on a small scale what you have proven out will be your solution.

In order you work on your solution you must: test, check your results, learn and reset.  My advice is always try something on a small scale before going to big!  Remember what our goal is?  Our goal is efficiency!  Let’s jump right in…


5 Analyze secrets that you must do!

Answer these questions and identify improvements

Closer LookIdentify things you can do better.  Analyze is about looking at the product or service you are providing and determining areas where you can make small improvements.  These small improvements will reduce waste, rework, and valuable time.  These “Lean” techniques are based on the Japanese Lean manufacturing, but I made them simple!  Who doesn’t like simple?  Here are my 5 secret tricks for you to consider, these will help you become more profitable by eliminating waste.

1 – What is the order?

Is the order of your process steps right for what you are trying to do?  As an example, are you painting something and using it before it dries?  Logic would say you would let it dry first.  Do you seal an envelope and then write the check you are supposed to put in it?  Silly example, but you will be surprised how many times I come across the silliest things like this.

3 Key ways to map and improve your process

Why would you map something? You have to understand 3 basic things for everything you do:shutterstock_173446028

  1. What is the input?
  2. What is the transformation?
  3. What is the output?

If you understand these 3 things you are one step closer to improving your business. The magic happens when you answer the 3 above questions.  Why you might ask? Because you are looking at what you do from a process perspective.  Over my years of doing process improvement for a living, many people didn’t understand all of their “stuff” as I call it.  Let’s review them now.