Repeatability: where to start? Find out here

As I mentioned in the last post, there are 3 keys to success in any business.  Have you found yourself with a talented team, but can’t seem to make your product or service consistently? Ah! Repeatability is the key you are missing.  But how do I make my process repeatable?  Don’t overthink a process by the way…  It’s just a logical sequence of steps that create something.


Who cares? You should! No one else will…

3 Steps to success

Care! You need to be present in your business and set the tone.  Start off on the right foot, and  drive even more success in your business.  Cranky customers? On days you are feeling down and beat up, these three things will help you push through.  I was in a restaurant the other night with my son (yes, daddy-son dinner date! 😃 ) and there were 3 couples sitting next to us.  Two of the ladies were completely nasty to the waitress who I have known for a long time.  Did I mention nasty?  I am sure you know what I mean, let’s dig in.
3 steps to help you care:
  • Focus
  • Feedback
  • Finish


The ONLY secret to business success: Innovation

Innovation is the they to any business success.  In my years of working with different businesses, the ones that innovate create unmatched success.  Try looking at your business differently and target something you can improve.  In this post I will cover how to successfully innovate.
How to apply innovation to your business:
  • Think different
  • Fail fast
  • Make it stick


Crazy event: Tornado Alert! – How to be prepared


This morning early we were abruptly awakened by a tornado warning on my wife’s cellphone. We turned on the news, and there was a tornado headed our way! Scary thing for sure. We got the kids up and hid in the bathroom. Once it passed, we realized how lucky we were.
In the morning we discovered that the tornado had passed our house literally within 200 yards. Crazy…

So this got me thinking about what the business immplications are for you. There are 3 key things that will help you in a situation like this:
– Prepare
– Process
– Review


Your business success is determined by this!

What your driving style has to do with it

Success depends on it

What does driving have in common with business success you ask? Much more than you think. In this post I will break down these key things. Ever sat in traffic? Ever have snowbirds cut you off? I have a little higher propensity to run into snowbirds than you may. Which one of these are you?

– Are you crazy?
– The middle fiddle
– I have a plan!

You have to get this right, or you will drive everyone around you nuts!


What a year! 3 ways to kick butt next year…

As we close the year, there are a few things that will help you kick butt next year in your business.  There are valuable parts of the journey that you have learned that will help you continue strong on your path.
Here are three things guaranteed to help you:
  • Reflect on the past
  • Celebrate the present
  • Visualize the future


Ready to give up? No you say! You need perseverance

Don't miss this


Perseverance.  Do you have what it takes to drive improvement? If you answered yes to this question, then I have 3 steps for you to help you through the hard part.  We all get to a point to where we want to give up, but resist that temptation.

Here are three tips to help you through it:
  • Imagine your business at some point in the future
  • Break down progress into small bite sized pieces
  • Share your success with those close to you