Crazy event: Tornado Alert! – How to be prepared


This morning early we were abruptly awakened by a tornado warning on my wife’s cellphone. We turned on the news, and there was a tornado headed our way! Scary thing for sure. We got the kids up and hid in the bathroom. Once it passed, we realized how lucky we were.
In the morning we discovered that the tornado had passed our house literally within 200 yards. Crazy…

So this got me thinking about what the business immplications are for you. There are 3 key things that will help you in a situation like this:
– Prepare
– Process
– Review


Busy small business owner? 10 minutes to gain peak efficiency in your business

Want your business to fire on all cylinders? Read this.

Want efficiency? What are you waiting for?

Little child girl plays superhero. Child on the background of sunset sky. Girl power conceptGive me 10 minutes to gain peak efficiency.  You must be tired of spending many hours working on things that shouldn’t take that long.  Time is valuable, you should spend enough time, but not too much.  I have seen people spend way too much time on things that should take 5 minutes.

Why not use a process that will help you peak efficiency?  It is a balance to spend enough time, but not waste your time on things that don’t matter.  How many times have you wanted to go for a 1 mile run that you wanted to run in 9 minutes?  I send you out with no GPS, no watch, no time marker, or distance marker… Could you do it?  Of course not!  You need a plan and tools to help you.  These 10 steps are exactly that, a roadmap to help you achieve more in your business.


(Read more to get your free 10 Steps to Peak Efficiency Roadmap)


4 Secrets to get your business on the right track

Small BusinessOver the last few posts I have given you an in depth look at the 4 major stages for ItIsEasy.  Mastering these will help your business move the needle.  Who doesn’t want better performance, increased efficiency, and more income?  Right? Well follow these 4 easy steps to get there.

My full roadmap is available for download for free on my site (at the right of this post).  This will show you all the key steps for success.  I call them the 10 easy steps for improvement.  My weekly blog will get you help on these 10 steps.


Two secrets of measuring for success

Measure it!

Grocery Store Checkout
Why are measurements important?
Because if you don’t measure something how do you know if you are good or bad? Improving? Declining? Losing money?
“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”~Confucius
Measure is the third step under Identify (part of ItIsEasy).  Most people I have worked with, think that measurements are “complex”.  Let me crush that myth right now.  You can improve something simply by tracking hash marks on a napkin. You laugh? I am serious!  Think of a small grocery store owner, how does she keep track if the last 10 purchases made money?  Did she exceed a customer’s expectations?
If nothing was tracked, what do you call that store owner in 3 months? Out of business….  It can be for the last week or month, how many customers did I serve? Which sales did I make most money on?  I can use the hash marks to count, and calculate a percentage.  Track it for a month, and I can understand that I had 50 customers, I made money on 60% of them, and 80% of my customers were satisfied with my service.  Now I can use this information for comparison!  What should I focus on next week? Profit or satisfaction?  See now how this works?

Let’s break down Identify…

First stage of It Is Easy

I compare Identify to getting your gear ready to go for a hike.  You have to get your mind set right, figure out where you are going to hike, determine what measure will define success, and who will help you achieve your goal.   Identify is the first phase in the It Is Easy process.Coffee Shop Owner

In this blog post I will break down Identify into 4 practical steps you need to be successful.  I will also use a real life example to show my points.

Identify is has 4 steps: 1) Why 2) What 3)Measure, and 4) People.  Let’s take a deeper dive…

Step #1: Why

Why, is all about determining your reason for improving.  What is the main driving factor that is pushing you? Stay in business? Make money to make family comfortable? Keep employees on the payroll? Expand your business?

Let’s look at Andrea’s Coffee Shop.  She has been in business for 3 years, and business is doing ok.  She works hard, and has a staff of about 6 people.  She is married, and her husband works.  Her driving “Why” is to grow her business so she can make more money and open more coffee shops.  It is imperative that she make her business more successful so she can achieve her why.  Someday she would like to open a consulting business about coffee shops.