What I learned in ATL airport: be prepared, don’t make this mistake!

I was flying home from Houston Texas last week and had a connection through Atlanta airport. One of the busiest airports in the world… I took the tram to Concourse D and decided I needed a bite to eat. I stopped by one of the diner food establishments… In general I try to avoid fast food when I can, but their registers were all down and they could only take cash.   What does this have to do with opportunity?

Let me explain… the 2 ladies behind the register had no idea how to run a calculator, let alone calculate taxes. Then when I gave them a $50, they thought I  gave them a $20…. it was clear that they had not seen actual cash in a long while. Everyone nowadays pays with cards or “Apple Pay”. Don’t let your business fall into this trap.   In order to succeed, follow these 3 simple steps.

Be prepared: Staff

Train your staff to work without a register. Make sure everyone can operate a calculator and do it properly so you don’t lose precious time, customers or profit.

Be prepared: Process

Have a clearly documented process that you  review frequently with your group to make sure you are well prepared for this when it happens. It’s usually not if, but when.

Be prepared: Alternate payment

Think of creative ways to take alternate payments other than cards. Your phone connection could go down, you could lose power, car may hit telephone pole. Just be prepared, and excel compared to your competitors.
In summary, follow these steps and improve your odds at winning in case you have to. You’ll never regret it!
Until next time,