Create experiences like a five star hotel, and gain loyal customers now!

The best experience we have ever had was at an amazing five star hotel.  My wife and I were on our way for our 10th anniversary and decided to make it super special.  When I booked the hotel, I put in the comments that it was our 10th anniversary and that we were looking forward to a great time.  Here is what set everything apart…  We flew into the town, drove to the hotel and pulled up at the guard gate.

We gave our name and guard said “Happy anniversary” with a huge grin on his face. “Thank you for staying with us, and follow along there towards the valet”.  Holy cow… how did he know?  Then we pulled up under the covered elegant overhang, and the Valet said “Happy anniversary Mr & Mrs. Carty!”
Can this get any better? But wait there is more…  Walking to the front desk, the lady helping us said “Happy anniversary!” and handed us a box of chocolates.  All the way to the room everyone was congratulating us.  That was awesome.  We unpacked and went for a walk, and when we got back to the room there was a bottle of expensive champagne with a hand signed note from the General Manager wishing us Happy Anniversary and thanking us for staying there during our special time.

Above and beyond

How can you make small gestures for your customers and delight them?  What this hotel did was truly amazing, but all it took was attention to detail, and great coordination.  It made us feel like a million bucks!  How can you do things that delight your customers and gain their loyalty forever?  Do you think we will go anywhere else on our anniversary now?  How do you think we talk to others about this experience?


Do your best to create the best experience possible for your customers or clients.  Even the smallest things will make a huge impact so don’t underestimate the power of those things.  Be creative and improve your user experience today,
Until next time,