Never treat a customer like this, you owe it to your business

This past weekend I was sitting at the local car service place, because I had a alignment issue that had to be repaired.  If you know be by now I am always observant and pay attention to the little things…  One customer came in with a flat tire and he comes into the store (obviously in a hurry).  He asked the person behind the counter, I need to have a flat fixed, can you help me?  The store manager says, yes I can help you.  Did I mention it was raining so the place was close to a ghost town.  The guy asks, how fast can you fix it?  Manager replies, it will take about an hour.  One hour the guy says? Obviously frustrated because it looked like he has an appointment.  You can tell what he was thinking…  There is no one here???

The manager said, yes it will take me 45 minutes to take it off, find the leak, repair it, and then put it back on and balance it.  But wait… There must be a better way to handle this you ask?  Of course!

Improvement scenario

How about if we hit rewind?  Guy comes running in, manager says “I can see you are in a hurry sir, how can I help you today?” Guy says, I have a flat tire and I have to be somewhere in 30 minutes.  Manager says: “I know it looks quiet right now, but my tire technicians are in the middle of a complicated job.  How about if I take your information quickly, and you can come back and pick it up in about an hour or after your appointment?”
How would you have felt if this was you?  Unfortunately I see this happening all the time, my chance again to ask: There MUST be a better way!


No matter what type of business you run, paying attention to your customer and reading body language can make or break your business.  Showing a little bit of empathy will go a long way.  Think about your own experiences, and think back about your best customer service experience.  Unfortunately you will always remember the negative ones more vividly.  Make a change today, and put yourself in your customer’s shoes.  You’ll be surprised what will happen
Until next time,