Tired of standing in line to order, check out this hack

Ever been at your local coffee shop, or even Starbucks?  Ever waited in line to order something and the line is 20 people deep?  A few weeks ago I walked in to Starbucks and there was a line at least 20 people deep.  Of course, everyone wants their favorite coffee or tea drink at the right temperature.  Why do most people just stand in line mindlessly?  Did you ever wonder that?  They will just stand their anxiously waiting for their turn to order, and then you wait even longer to get your drink.  People are committed to the line, and feel some kind of weird bond or part of the team.

Why? I have always wondered.  I pulled out my phone, went to the app and ordered and paid for my drink.  I then bypassed the line, and 1 minute later my drink was waiting for me, and the line was still there…  all 19 and waiting.  I tell you this story because you can’t believe at how many places you can do this and be on your way.  Why don’t more people do it? No clue, but now that I gave you this hack, go for it!  By the way, I did the same thing at our local chicken joint, but instead I pulled out my phone and ordered take out.  Again I bypassed the line, and I was on my way in just a few minutes.


Think of your establishment or service that you give to your customers and think, is there a better way?  Or better yet, always ask yourself: There MUST be a better way.  You figure this out and people will go bananas and become grateful that you helped improve their experience.


Find ways to apply this hack to benefit your customers, where are they waiting too long?  How can you improve their experience in your store?  Are you providing multiple easy options?  And yes, next time you are in line, pull out your phone and take action.. You don’t have to suffer of line loyalty syndrome (if that is even a thing…)
Until next time!