If Elementary school kids can do this, so can you…

Ever stood by the bus while your kids are darting towards the school bus?  Well every morning, I take my kids to the bus stop and to help the Moms out I take charge and try to organize the chaos.  It is not easy by any means.  The first couple of times it was true chaos…  The kids just rushed the bus as soon as it showed up at 7:20 AM.  I nearly got run over by 1st graders with HUGE backpacks.  Here is what it looked like… Side of the bus and kids everywhere!!!

Then one morning it hit me, to get them to line up by grade and not having to put my life at risk 😃 I took sidewalk chalk with me.  Then before all the kids showed up, I wrote on the sidewalk K | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | in large letters with the line in between.  Like magic!  Once the kids started showing up, everyone single filed behind their grade on the sidewalk.  Could it really have been that easy?  YES!  As soon as the parents walked up, they instructed their kids to line up behind their grade written on the side walk.  We went from mass chaos, to an organized peaceful bus boarding.
It was the simplest thing, but it worked like a charm.  The elementary school kids had experienced improvement in their bus boarding process.  If they can experience this, so can you in your business.  The key is, it doesn’t have to be super complicated!  All I used was sidewalk chalk.  In your business you could use masking tape on the floor.

Human nature

Human nature has us wanting to stand in line and conform.  You see it everywhere, TSA lines at the airport, waiting in line at Costco to buy your hotdog, banks.  It is weird, but it certainly works.
Find a place in your environment that needs a little order, and use simple things to help you be successful.


The key is the SIMPLER the BETTER, use lines on the floor, stancions (like at the airport) and watch your environment get organized.
If the kids can do it, so can you!
Until next time!