3 Shocking mistakes killing your business

These 3 mistakes in your business reduce your chances for success, keep on reading to find out how to avoid them.  All business owners face this place where they are discouraged, and don’t know how to keep pushing.  We have all seen it all too often, you get overwhelmed and it becomes hard to keep going.  These 3 mistakes happen very often, you:
  1. Never fuel your passion
  2. Lose your focus
  3. Never improve

Let’s dig into how to avoid these mistakes…

Mistake 1 – Never fuel your passion

The first common mistake is to never fuel your passion.  You become busy and lose the “umphhhh” or the very reason why you started your business.  When you are overwhelmed it is never productive, but there is an easy answer.
Remedy: Write a short sentence on your “why”, or take a picture of something that drove your passion and keep it in plain sight for you to see every day.  It could be a picture of your family, a loved one, something impactful, or a simple sentence like “Never give up!”

Mistake 2 – Lose your focus

The second mistake that kills is losing your focus.  Everyone has been there at some point during our lives, but research has shown that a large percentage of business owners lose their focus.
Remedy: Make a list of what you have to accomplish this week, and break them up in a daily stretch goal.  Often times you have a bunch of things that need to be done in your head, but then forget.  Write it down and prioritize ruthlessly, it will help you with focus!

Mistake 3 – Never improve

The third mistake that kills your business it never improving,  The world around you is getting better, and technology keeps improving.  People’s requirements keep getting tougher, and if you are behind you will not survive.  I see this happening all the time, just take a look at history and you will see several companies that have gone out of business because they missed a HUGE opportunity. (i.e. Kodak Film)
Remedy: Pick one thing to get better at in the next week, and work on it every day.  No matter how small or how big, keep on working it.


Improve your odds and implement the remedies I covered to save you from becoming a statistic.  It is truly shocking how many business owners don’t get this right.  Work on fueling your passion and bringing your “why” to the forefront every day.  Keep your focus by setting goals and attaining them.  Focus on improvement and don’t miss out on getting better every day.
Until next time!