Karma is real! Update from my trip

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Karma is real for sure. What a week I had in Belle Glade this year. As I mentioned to you last time, giving back should be wired in what you do everyday. It really pays back dividends in ways you would never imagine. This week I am going to share 3 ways the kids truly took it another level.

  • Simple things
  • Cheap
  • No effort

While on my missions trip to Belle Glade we had over 900 middle and high school kids in the community performing many amazing things. I’d like to break it down into 3 simple examples:


One thing to keep in mind is to keep it simple. The kids did some amazing work painting buildings, parking lots, and mulching. When you are trying to make an impact on anyone or any community keep it simple. Use some elbow grease and you’ll be surprised how little effort with many people changes a whole community. We tend to try to overcomplicate things, but keep it simple and see how much you can accomplish!


We gave a group of 15-17 kids $50, and said: go find a way to make someone’s day. We were blown away! Some of the kids came up with the idea to go to the local laundromat and pay for everyone’s laundry that came in the door. They played with the kids, sang songs, played games, and kept the kids busy, who normally would be bored out of their minds! The looks on people’s faces were priceless.

No effort

One last thing the kids did, was stop at the local Goodwill store. Amazing to see what happened next. The kids found a single mom, with two kids. They told her that they would pay for anything she needed. They followed her in the store and paid for clothes, shoes, and games for the kids. Next they went to the grocery store and bought her enough groceries for a week. It didn’t take effort, but tell you what: it made her day!

In Summary

As you can see, this does not have to be complicated. Karma is real, and you do good things, good things will happen for you in your life and business. Find ways to be simple, have cheap ideas, and expend little or no effort. Can’t wait to see how you will make it happen in your business.

Until next time,