Read this: 3 proven ways to outsmart your competitors

Outsmart & Win
Ever wonder why your competitors always seem to do better than you?  Why is that person down the street always busier than me?  Why are customers not coming back to my store?  How can I keep growing by business sustainably every month?  These are all great questions to ask…  In my years of helping people like you become even more successful it boils down to 3 things:
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It starts with Predictability, Relationship, and Experience, let me explain what I mean:


To excel in business, your product and or service needs to be predictable.  What do I mean by that? You must deliver something to your customer in a consistent and predictable way.  No-one goes to Starbucks to buy a “bad” cup of coffee?  No one goes to an expensive restaurant they love, and expect a bad product.  Being predictable is part of what your brand stands for.  You must deliver great product, otherwise customers will not return.  Would you return to your favorite place if their product was never right?  No…


People set businesses apart…  Everything we do in daily life is based on relationships with people.  You must develop a positive relationship with your customers.  Predictability is the entry to the game, but relationships set you apart from your competitors.  Power questions to ask:  Am I delivering what my customer expects?  How am I nurturing the relationship with each customer?  What is my plan to continue to enrich that relationship?  If you answer these questions, you are well on your way to separate yourself from the masses.


The third most important aspect to success ahead of your competitors is experience.  I bet you can rattle off a list of 10 bad experiences you have had in the last month.  The sad part is that it is harder to remember all of the positive experiences.  We must work hard to create a positive experience with our customers.  Power questions to ask: What is your user experience like?  Are people greeted the way you would expect?  Are we adding to the overall experience or detracting from it?  Have I considered improvements to the customer experience?

In Summary

Outsmarting your competition starts with predictability, strong relationships, and excellent experiences.  No one remembers what you sold them, as much as they remember how they felt.  Most companies do not think of the user experience, but that drives the difference.  Remember, everyone has options…  They can cross the street to another store, they can pay more for the same product but know they get great predictability.  In order to outsmart your competition, apply these 3 simple principles.
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