Top talent, unlimited resources, what’s missing?

Even with the best talent, and unlimited resources, you still won’t be able to be successful… Why is that you may ask? It’s because process is the key to unlocking everything.
Your process has to:
  • Repeatable
  • Transferable
  • Predictable

Be repeatable

Top talent can brute force things into existence, but with a repeatable process you will not get far.  Why repeatable?  You want to wow your customers with every thing you produce. Whether it is food, or a service, you want your customer to come back right?  If not, why are they seeking you out?  There are many ways for them to get what you sell, make it memorable by being consistent.  Consistency comes form having a repeatable process.  I will explain in a future post how to make your process repeatable.

Be transferable

Being repeatable is not enough to win at business, you must be able to transfer is to others.  Not everyone will have the same standards that you have…  Ask people to make a cup of coffee, and there are literally 1,000 ways to make it.  How do you ensure that this knowledge is transferred properly?  This can be done with proper documentation.  There is written documentation called procedures, and there is the more visual ones you see in restaurants.  This one has pictures, so the person making it has a visual reference on order, ingredients, and visual construction.  More to come in a future post.

Be predictable

No one likes to be surprised! Or am I wrong? Don’t think so…  You must be able to predict the outcome of your final product. If the product is made with ingredients in the wrong order, then your cake won’t rise.  The key is to build that into your process.  Your process should hold the key to success, so even a sixth grader could repeat it with the same level of predictability.  Any more complex, you add the risk of people not following it. The KISS principle is key here (Keep It Simple Silly).  I’ll dedicate a future post to expand on this concept for you.


Even with top talent, and unlimited resources you must use a process to produce a consistent product or service that your customer will delight in.  Your consistency must beat everyone else, and makes your customers come back to you every time.  Do it right, and you will have a endless group of loyal customers, because it sets you apart from all your competitors.
Until next time,