About Me

A little more about me

I have an Engineering degree and MBA from the University of Florida, with more than 20 years experience working in a Fortune 200 company.  I am a certified Master Black Belt (Six Sigma highest process improvement certification), and have worked on projects that have saved Millions of dollars.

I will help you reach peak efficiency in your business (Small, Medium, or Large).

Why I write:
I have a passion for helping people, especially small and medium sized businesses. Growing up, my dad ran a small business out of the house, and the love for small business always stayed with me. 
I have worked for many years with a fortune 200 company and realized there were awesome things we did for efficiency that all businesses can use. So... I decided to expand my reach by writing this blog.  The more business owners I can help be successful, the better their livelihoods can be.
I was born in Europe, and moved to Curacao when I was less than a year old. Since everyone struggles with my name, let me tell you a little story... While my mom was pregnant with me she loved the movie Dr Zhivago, and the main character's first name was "Yuri". Guess who I was named after? Yup, you got it! She just spelled it in Dutch Joeri, so it's pronounced [YOU-REE].

Other tidbits:

I am happily married to my wife Molly, and there are 4 kids we keep track of 🙂
In my spare time I am a landscape photographer. My passion is helping people, so I volunteer with middle and high school kids at church.  We also love to travel, and find good eats wherever we go. 

If you would like to check-out my photography site: www.joericartyphotography.com