You won’t believe what I saw!

Why men should be gentlemen...

You can’t believe what I saw….Portrait of a surprised young man wearing eyeglasses

Should men be gentlemen? Darn right they should!

I know this is off-topic, but I think Andy Andrews (@AndyAndrews) has a point!
I was recently listening to Andy Andrews’ podcast about how he and his boys treat his wife.  And then it hit me the other night, why not?


Observation: 4 key rules of thumb!

BrainstormingCongratulations you are down the home-stretch!  Remember how we started this process?  We made sure we understood what was going on?  Now we get to take a step back and determine if what we implemented is really working.  In this post we will talk about the 4 key rules of thumb for guaranteed success.  Without these 4 key rules, you are going to struggle.  I don’t want you to struggle, so keep reading and buckle up!


Profitability Process: Implement your changes

It-Is-Easy to improve

SmIn this post I will cover why it is so important to properly implement your changes for maximum effectiveness.  Let’s recap what we talked about in the last post…  Validate:  This is where you ran a small test of your changes to make sure you were right.  Now it’s all about properly preparing for implementation in Implement.

If you remember I have kept reminding you that all of this is Easy!  You have spent a little time validating your proposed changes, and we fine-tuned them.  We are ready to move forward with implementing your changes.  In this step you train your staff, change your process, update any documentation you have.