Let’s talk about your Why?

Why is an important part

Why is an important question we have to answer as part of many things in life. My favorite saying comes from Simon Sinek:

When you find your Why, you find your passion ~ Simon Sinek

In this blog post we will take a deeper look at how “Why” becomes your strongest driver for moving your

business to profitability. It is not by accident that I put Why first in the Identify stage. If you don’t have a driving reason for becoming more profitable, then why are you trying to get better? From Michael Hyatt I have learned that the more clarity you have with your Why, the more successful you will be in your life, especially when it comes to your goals in life.


Who doesn’t want to Succeed?

Succeed: It Is Easy

board-1097118_960_720In the last 3 weeks we have been talking about the first 3 stages of I-t-I-s Easy. This week we will cover the last stage called Succeed. I will cover why this is important, and show you how to keep improving your business. There are some nuggets here that I will share with you that are truly important for anyone who wants to sustain their improvements

Let us re-cap our 3 weeks before I unpack Succeed. Over the last few blog posts we learned about the importance of:

  • Identify: this is the What you are trying to improve and why
  • Track: measurements are the key to success
  • Improve: make adjustments to your process and observe for change

Andrea’s Coffee Shop is well on its way to make a lasting improvement, so we will continue to use her for this last stage.

You may ask the following question: Why is there only one step in Succeed? Because it is the single most important step, and I don’t want you to miss it. If I add more steps in succeed you may think you are done. Let me unpack this last stage: Succeed


2 Proven ways to improve anything


Two of the best things you will ever do in Improve are: Implement and Observe

Over the last 2 blog posts I have been expanding the first two stages of I-t-I-s Easy:Coffee Shop Employees

  • Identify: what and why you are trying to improve
  • Track: lay out a map and start tracking information

Now it is time to look at Improve, the third step out of our 4 step process improvement success formula. Improve has 2 pieces that will guarantee that any level of improvement makes the impact you were expecting. Let’s recap using Andrea our Coffee Shop owner, do you remember what she was trying to improve? Yes you say! Free up more time from training, so she can spend time on more important tasks.


Track: 3 Secrets that make a difference

As I mentioned last time, It Is Easy is broken down into Identify, Track, Improve, Succeed.  Today I am giving you the 3 secrets that make up Track.  At the end of this, you will know exactly how to implement Track into your business.shutterstock_173446028

The background for Track is all about the advanced Six Sigma techniques I have used to for years helping people work on projects, and executing improvements myself.  This stuff really works!

Track has 3 basic steps: Map, Analyze, and Validate.  Remember in my last post, we used Andrea the Coffee Shop Owner? We will use her again as the example.  Andrea has done a lot of work up until now, so let’s take the next step.  Let’s review: she completed Identify which had 4 steps: Why, What, Measure, People.

Step #1: Map

Map is an important part of Track, it is a key secret to understand and it is critical to do this step well.  Map is all about you laying out the process.

What is a process? The Webster dictionary defines it as:  a series of actions that produce something or that lead to a particular result. 

The process in Andrea’s case is the Training Process of new employees. You should take any process and create a high-level map of each step.  My general rule of thumb is between 5-7 steps.  Any more, your will be caught in the weeds of your process.  Less than 5 it is just not helpful.The new employee training starts after Andrea has them sign all employment paperwork.