Let’s break down Identify…

First stage of It Is Easy

I compare Identify to getting your gear ready to go for a hike.  You have to get your mind set right, figure out where you are going to hike, determine what measure will define success, and who will help you achieve your goal.   Identify is the first phase in the It Is Easy process.Coffee Shop Owner

In this blog post I will break down Identify into 4 practical steps you need to be successful.  I will also use a real life example to show my points.

Identify is has 4 steps: 1) Why 2) What 3)Measure, and 4) People.  Let’s take a deeper dive…

Step #1: Why

Why, is all about determining your reason for improving.  What is the main driving factor that is pushing you? Stay in business? Make money to make family comfortable? Keep employees on the payroll? Expand your business?

Let’s look at Andrea’s Coffee Shop.  She has been in business for 3 years, and business is doing ok.  She works hard, and has a staff of about 6 people.  She is married, and her husband works.  Her driving “Why” is to grow her business so she can make more money and open more coffee shops.  It is imperative that she make her business more successful so she can achieve her why.  Someday she would like to open a consulting business about coffee shops.


Make a difference with: “It Is Easy”

ItIsEasy Picture
In this blog post I am breaking down the “It Is Easy” concept to help you become more successful.  You will learn about the 4 steps to getting better at anything: Identify, Track, Improve, Succeed.

The “It Is Easy” concept was born when I was teaching a process improvement class at work.  It became evident very quickly that not everyone was cut-out to understand advanced statistics concepts…  I had one student in particular that just didn’t get it.  This of course got me thinking to myself: I have been teaching this class for a while, is there an easier way?

Next thing I started scratching a few notes on a piece of paper with the thought, how can I make process improvement simple, but use my 20+ years of experience?  The key for me was to make it as simple as possible, but maximize the results.  My thought was that people would love to improve their business, a process, their daily work, but I was convinced it needed two parts:

  • It had to be easy!
  • It had to drive results


[It Is Easy to Improve] Launching soon!

Greetings everyone, I am so excited to be launching an exciting new program to create success in your small and medium sized business.  It is a simple 10 step process to easy improvement.

As part of this launch, I am opening it up to a small set of 25 first come participants to check out the model and give feedback.  In return you will receive $500 dollars of free material and 30 minutes of free coaching.

The concept is very simple, and It Is Easy breaks down as follows:

ItIsEasyI is for Identify: Identify has these key steps: Why, What, Measure, People

T is for Track: Track has these key steps: Map, Analyze, Validate

I is for Improve: Improve has these key steps: Implement, Observe

S is for Succeed: Succeed has this key step: Achieve

EASY is for keeping it easy for you to implement


Did change happen?

Get quick results

Observe your process                                        

In the past few blog posts, we discussed measurements, mapping, and improvements.  This is where the rubber hits the road.  You wanted to make your process better, did it actually happen?  Did your idea take hold?  That’s what we will cover today.

Since I shared with you how to measure, it will be pretty simple to observe if your changes improved.  We can look at before versus after data.  If your process reduced errors, or if it produced your widget faster, then you have succeeded! Nice job!

I recommend that you track data for at least 2 weeks (maybe a little more depending on your process).  (more…)