The best way to measure a process

board-1097118_960_720As part of making a process better, you must try to understand how things are working.  Are you meeting your customer’s timeline?  If yes, how do you know for sure?  If no, are you sure?

Next time you make coffee, did it take longer than normal?  Did you get distracted by the TV? Were there dishes in the sink?
After years of helping others, I came up with 5 easy steps to guide you.


3 Simple Steps to Improvement

Improvements are as easy as 3 simple steps:office-336368_960_720

  • Identify it
  • Watch it
  • Improve it

These three steps will guide and help you improve anything you do.  These are proven steps that I have used over the last 15 years with great success.

The single most important task for you is the following: identify which things you do that cost you the most money.


Key Question 3: What did you learn over the last few days?

Learn new skills quickly

Learn new skills quickly

Your last exercise was to write down the top 3 things you spent most of your time on in your business.

Take out that list and let’s review it.  Anything jump out at you?  Are there any patterns you notice?  Like most people, you don’t realize how your time is spent until you actually write it down.

A few years ago I did this exercise with a group I worked with, and they thought most of their time was spent on searching and acquiring new business contacts.