Don’t do what Starbucks does… You can do better with customer name!


How many times have you walked into a store and they ask for your name? The intent is to create a more trusting relationship with your customers.. not so fast… More often than not, you will see more places move in that direction. Is it really the best thing to build customer loyalty? Maybe not… Why? you ask? Well, not everyone’s name is easy like, Bob, Jim, Susie. Ever had this happen to you?


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Outsmart & Win
Ever wonder why your competitors always seem to do better than you?  Why is that person down the street always busier than me?  Why are customers not coming back to my store?  How can I keep growing by business sustainably every month?  These are all great questions to ask…  In my years of helping people like you become even more successful it boils down to 3 things:
Read more to find out what they are…


Repeatability: where to start? Find out here

As I mentioned in the last post, there are 3 keys to success in any business.  Have you found yourself with a talented team, but can’t seem to make your product or service consistently? Ah! Repeatability is the key you are missing.  But how do I make my process repeatable?  Don’t overthink a process by the way…  It’s just a logical sequence of steps that create something.


The ONLY secret to business success: Innovation

Innovation is the they to any business success.  In my years of working with different businesses, the ones that innovate create unmatched success.  Try looking at your business differently and target something you can improve.  In this post I will cover how to successfully innovate.
How to apply innovation to your business:
  • Think different
  • Fail fast
  • Make it stick


Crazy event: Tornado Alert! – How to be prepared


This morning early we were abruptly awakened by a tornado warning on my wife’s cellphone. We turned on the news, and there was a tornado headed our way! Scary thing for sure. We got the kids up and hid in the bathroom. Once it passed, we realized how lucky we were.
In the morning we discovered that the tornado had passed our house literally within 200 yards. Crazy…

So this got me thinking about what the business immplications are for you. There are 3 key things that will help you in a situation like this:
– Prepare
– Process
– Review


Your business success is determined by this!

What your driving style has to do with it

Success depends on it

What does driving have in common with business success you ask? Much more than you think. In this post I will break down these key things. Ever sat in traffic? Ever have snowbirds cut you off? I have a little higher propensity to run into snowbirds than you may. Which one of these are you?

– Are you crazy?
– The middle fiddle
– I have a plan!

You have to get this right, or you will drive everyone around you nuts!


What a year! 3 ways to kick butt next year…

As we close the year, there are a few things that will help you kick butt next year in your business.  There are valuable parts of the journey that you have learned that will help you continue strong on your path.
Here are three things guaranteed to help you:
  • Reflect on the past
  • Celebrate the present
  • Visualize the future


Why not all automation is good. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Improvement advice

Automation Machinery

Why not all automation is good. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.
Today I will cover an important misnomer that people have: automation is always good.  Have you ever heard people say.. “well if I just automate it, or buy a system, everything will be better”?  Not so fast…  I know it is not obvious, but I see this all the time.  Here are three things you can do and not fall in that trap.
  1. Limitations
  2. Capability
  3. Pitfalls


I need help! Do I need to do more? The secret to success.

When it comes to Improvement, how do I know I am doing enough?

overwhelmed man asking for help

Improvement should not be a mystery…

If I had a crystal ball, I could predict your success in business.  But since I don’t have one, I can use these three measuring sticks as a starting point.  Many people I work with wonder how to gauge if they are doing enough to improve.  These three levels will let you know if you are on par to breakthrough performance for your business.