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Outsmart & Win
Ever wonder why your competitors always seem to do better than you?  Why is that person down the street always busier than me?  Why are customers not coming back to my store?  How can I keep growing by business sustainably every month?  These are all great questions to ask…  In my years of helping people like you become even more successful it boils down to 3 things:
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Why not me? You ask… Why yes you! Let me tell you why you!

Why not you? Why?  Over the last several months I have been covering basic improvement tips that apply directly to all types of business sizes and types.  Starting today I will mix it up a little bit, by talking to the medium to large business owners or anyone who wants to improve their functions.  Why not you?  You are out there….  every day you come to work and there are things that you know could be done much better…  Things can be tweaked a little bit to improve your daily life at work.  Why not you?  Take the first step and make a decision to start today,.
Here are three things to help you stand out from the crowd, give yourself a chance to make a change:
1) Be alert
2) Get moving
3) Don’t slip
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Who Cares? 1) Get in the Elevator 2)Press button

Let me tell you why in 118 seconds...

I was listening to Jeffrey Hazlett last week, and it dawned on me…  Why should people listen? What difference does it make? If I am a small or medium size business owner, so what?  Get in the elevator and press the button.Elevator

 Everyone wants their business to do well and be profitable, right? Yes! is the correct answer (lol). So why not have a person that has worked on over 300 profitable projects for 20 years help you do that?  I am here to help you accomplish that now!  My proven methods are really simple.  When do you want to start?

So there you have it folks, that is my 118 seconds elevator speech to hook you in.  When I listened to Jeff Hazlett (@JeffreyHazlett) last week, he made an excellent point:

“You have to catch my attention in 8 seconds (adult attention span), and then you have 110 seconds to convince me (average duration of an elevator ride in New York City).”


Why get better?

office-336368_960_720Why should we bother?  What’s the point?

Efficiency allows you to work smarter, not harder.  When you work more efficiently you also use less effort, which in turn gives you more time to work on important tasks.  A nice benefit of more time for important tasks is increased opportunities to make more revenue.

Think about it this way: if you are more efficient and you can lower your margin, you can grow your business, and potentially employ more people.  Everyone wants to get better, it is in our human nature.


Key Question 3: What did you learn over the last few days?

Learn new skills quickly

Learn new skills quickly

Your last exercise was to write down the top 3 things you spent most of your time on in your business.

Take out that list and let’s review it.  Anything jump out at you?  Are there any patterns you notice?  Like most people, you don’t realize how your time is spent until you actually write it down.

A few years ago I did this exercise with a group I worked with, and they thought most of their time was spent on searching and acquiring new business contacts.


Key Question 2: Where do you spend most of your time?

Simple approach improvement

Simple approach improvement

This ties right to the first key question: Where is your largest margin? The reason why this is also important is because your time is valuable! You need to be as efficient as possible.

If you are not spending time on the areas where you have highest margins, who will? Do you have a plan to grow this area of your business? Who is assigned to this area of opportunity? Are they your best employee(s)?


Key Question 1: Where is your largest margin?

The key to this question is simple, and is the most important starting point for every business.
Where is your largest margin? Is it a product, a service, an offering?
Before we get started you must answer this question: Where is your largest margin?

Spend a few minutes writing down where that is. This post is very short, but it is an important concept that you need to answer for yourself.

Till next time…