3 secrets about data every business owner should know about

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3 secrets to data
I see it all the time, people track the wrong data.  Or better yet, they don’t track anything at all.  As a data geek, I use data on a daily basis and you should to.  Read on to find out the 3 secrets about data every business owner should know about.  Every time you try to make a decision as yourself the following question: Am I missing useful information to make the best decision possible?  In the next few paragraphs I am going to de-mistify data for you.  Don’t be intimidated, you already know everything you need to know.  It doesn’t matter if you are selling a service or advanced apps for phones, everything can be measured.  I break down data in 3 easy to digest chunks: What, How, Show.


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Outsmart & Win
Ever wonder why your competitors always seem to do better than you?  Why is that person down the street always busier than me?  Why are customers not coming back to my store?  How can I keep growing by business sustainably every month?  These are all great questions to ask…  In my years of helping people like you become even more successful it boils down to 3 things:
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Be transferable, 3 ways to improve your business in 30 days

Being repeatable is not enough to win at business, you must be able to transfer it to others.  Not everyone will have the same standards that you have…  Ask people to make a cup of coffee, and there are literally 1,000 ways to make it.  How do you ensure that this knowledge is transferred properly?  This can be done with proper documentation.  Written documentation is called a procedure, and there are the more visual ones you see in restaurants.  This one has pictures, so the person making it has a visual reference on order, ingredients, and visual construction.


Who cares? You should! No one else will…

3 Steps to success

Care! You need to be present in your business and set the tone.  Start off on the right foot, and  drive even more success in your business.  Cranky customers? On days you are feeling down and beat up, these three things will help you push through.  I was in a restaurant the other night with my son (yes, daddy-son dinner date! 😃 ) and there were 3 couples sitting next to us.  Two of the ladies were completely nasty to the waitress who I have known for a long time.  Did I mention nasty?  I am sure you know what I mean, let’s dig in.
3 steps to help you care:
  • Focus
  • Feedback
  • Finish


Your business success is determined by this!

What your driving style has to do with it

Success depends on it

What does driving have in common with business success you ask? Much more than you think. In this post I will break down these key things. Ever sat in traffic? Ever have snowbirds cut you off? I have a little higher propensity to run into snowbirds than you may. Which one of these are you?

– Are you crazy?
– The middle fiddle
– I have a plan!

You have to get this right, or you will drive everyone around you nuts!


What a year! 3 ways to kick butt next year…

As we close the year, there are a few things that will help you kick butt next year in your business.  There are valuable parts of the journey that you have learned that will help you continue strong on your path.
Here are three things guaranteed to help you:
  • Reflect on the past
  • Celebrate the present
  • Visualize the future


Ready to give up? No you say! You need perseverance

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Perseverance.  Do you have what it takes to drive improvement? If you answered yes to this question, then I have 3 steps for you to help you through the hard part.  We all get to a point to where we want to give up, but resist that temptation.

Here are three tips to help you through it:
  • Imagine your business at some point in the future
  • Break down progress into small bite sized pieces
  • Share your success with those close to you


Why not all automation is good. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Improvement advice

Automation Machinery

Why not all automation is good. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.
Today I will cover an important misnomer that people have: automation is always good.  Have you ever heard people say.. “well if I just automate it, or buy a system, everything will be better”?  Not so fast…  I know it is not obvious, but I see this all the time.  Here are three things you can do and not fall in that trap.
  1. Limitations
  2. Capability
  3. Pitfalls


Need it perfect? It takes time, but these 3 fast tips will help you

Perfection is good, but the pursuit of perfection it tireless...


Perfect? What do I mean by that?  You can be perfect, but it will require ALOT of time to get there.  You have heard the saying I am sure: “If I had unlimited time and unlimited resources, that would be easy”.  Reality is that the is not the case right?  In my experience, the inability to get things “perfect” freezes people to the point of in-action.  Let me show you how you can beat the odds.

You can get much better results in your business without frustrating yourself and others.


I need help! Do I need to do more? The secret to success.

When it comes to Improvement, how do I know I am doing enough?

overwhelmed man asking for help

Improvement should not be a mystery…

If I had a crystal ball, I could predict your success in business.  But since I don’t have one, I can use these three measuring sticks as a starting point.  Many people I work with wonder how to gauge if they are doing enough to improve.  These three levels will let you know if you are on par to breakthrough performance for your business.