Are you sick? 3 secrets to keep your business going

Sick? That never happens to me, right?  Wrong!  Even this week as I got a cold, it was one of those 2 day quick colds.  On day three it happened, I had acute laryngitis and in an instant my voice was gone.  I could not speak for two days…  not a peep.  Why does this matter to you?  It got me thinking that many people could have their businesses interrupted by being sick.  Keep on reading as I share my 3 secrets to keeping your businesses humming while you are sick.

Secret 1: Clear metrics

My first secret to keeping your business performing is keeping clear metrics. The people that work with or for you should have a clear understanding of where the goal line is.  In my experience, publishing and tracking goals publicly improves your performance by 30-40%.  It is evident  that you should make it a point to be clear.  No one likes confusing goals or targets.  The simpler the better!

Secret 2: Clear documentation

My second secret for success is to have clear guidelines or procedures on how things should work.  Explain not only what you produce or deliver, but also your direction for speed, courtesy, customer service.  It is wise to spend time with your team talking through these so everyone is on the same page.  A side benefit of this is that you can use it for training new team members.

Secret 3: Communicate standards

My third secret is to set and keep clear standards.  Make your expectations clear, with no room for interpretation.  Say what you mean, show how to do it and expect it from yourself and others.  The minute your customers are not receiving your usual level of service or standard, the sooner you will lose them.  Spend some time transferring your expectation to everyone.  When your sick, it will be much harder to accomplish this.


No one likes being sick, but unfortunately it will happen to you.  The best way to prepare yourself is to follow these secrets to success.  Have clear metrics, make them easy to follow and post them daily.  Have clear guidelines, no one should be confused on how to do something, or in what timeframe.  Last, communicate your standards.  One famous person said once: “Inspect what you expect”.  If you spend a little bit of time on this before you are sick, it will pay BIG dividends when you are struck down with a sickness.
Until next time.