Why not me? You ask… Why yes you! Let me tell you why you!

Why not you? Why?  Over the last several months I have been covering basic improvement tips that apply directly to all types of business sizes and types.  Starting today I will mix it up a little bit, by talking to the medium to large business owners or anyone who wants to improve their functions.  Why not you?  You are out there….  every day you come to work and there are things that you know could be done much better…  Things can be tweaked a little bit to improve your daily life at work.  Why not you?  Take the first step and make a decision to start today,.
Here are three things to help you stand out from the crowd, give yourself a chance to make a change:
1) Be alert
2) Get moving
3) Don’t slip
Read on!  You don’t want to miss this…

Be alert

You and I both know you know exactly what is bothering you as part of your current job.  Which task takes you the longest, and you know deep down inside that it could be done better?  Being alert means exactly that…  Pay attention to your environment, processes, things you do.  What annoys the heck out of you.  When you ask yourself the question…”I wish I could change…”  Then you know you hit it right on the head.  This is the first step to make a change, you must remain alert to find the opportunities for improvement in your day.  Be armed with this information, and jump to step 2.

Get moving

Hmmm, you wonder… what now?  How can I start making a change to the annoying thing?  Get moving and evaluate which piece makes the most sense based on your business.  Try to focus on the pieces that take up time and resource. Why? By looking into these you will save money or increase profitability much faster.  If you focus on small things that don’t have impact, you won’t improve significantly.  Look at your business through the lens of “What is costing me the most?”  This will help you get moving much faster.

Don’t slip

What do I mean by that?  Keep your focus on your improvement areas.  If you lose track and slip backwards, you will never achieve the results that you desire.  Work on your focus areas at least three times a week, and I guarantee that you will see consistent improvement…  Keep a small log of what you are working on, and stop once you have achieved your desired level of improvement.


In summary, pay attention to your business by an increase in alertness.   Then get moving on your areas of improvement that you have identified. Last but not least, do not get distracted and slip backwards.  Spend a few minutes solely focused on your areas, and reap the rewards 10 fold.  Keep up the good work, I have full confidence in you!
Until next time,