Be transferable, 3 ways to improve your business in 30 days

Being repeatable is not enough to win at business, you must be able to transfer it to others.  Not everyone will have the same standards that you have…  Ask people to make a cup of coffee, and there are literally 1,000 ways to make it.  How do you ensure that this knowledge is transferred properly?  This can be done with proper documentation.  Written documentation is called a procedure, and there are the more visual ones you see in restaurants.  This one has pictures, so the person making it has a visual reference on order, ingredients, and visual construction.

Unlock success by:
– neighbor
– rock solid
– no time

Be transferable: neighbor

This is a crazy reference but a simple one!  Can you explain how to do something to your neighbor (could be someone sitting next to you) in less than 5 minutes?  You should try it, ask your spouse or friend to follow directions word for word for making peanut butter and jelly.  Try it!  Can they reproduce what you made, looking the same way?  If it doesn’t look the same, then you have failed…  The way to get better, is making sure your instructions are clear..

Be transferable: rock solid

Call me crazy, but when you have rock solid procedures, they have been true and tested many times, and the kinks have been worked out.  It is so easy to over simplify and then you will not get the results you are looking for.  This takes a little practice, but trust me it is well worth your while.  Having rock solid instructions, helps you transfer information and steps to someone new consistently. That is the key, it has to be consistent.

Be transferable: no time

The last step to being transferable is “no time”.  Why “no time”?  You must be able to get someone to perform the task in no time!  Imagine being at a coffee shop, and getting a new employee that just walked in 5 minutes ago.  The faster you get them up and running, and consistent…  The quicker you will make more money.  If your training takes 2 weeks, that is 2 weeks of unproductive time that you will spend.  Even at $10/hr that is $800 ($10/hr X 8 Hours X 10 days).  That adds up pretty quick.


Be transferable by being able to explain a process to your neighbor.  Make things rock solid by working out the kinks.  Transfer this knowledge in no time flat.  The faster you can transfer this knowledge the faster someone can be productive in your business.  Practice this, especially the peanut butter and jelly one, have fun with it.
Until next time