The secret is out… My Top 3 Posts of all-time! Click now!

Top 3 Posts

These are my TOP 3 posts of all time…  Read on to get all 3!!!

Number One:

POST – Busy small business owner? 10 minutes to gain peak efficiency in your

10 minutes to peak efficiency

business (click here)

Your 10 steps to peak efficiency are:

  1. Why – Determine your why
  2. What – Focus on the important
  3. Measure – Measure key things
  4. People – Get some help
  5. Map – Make a simple map
  6. Analyze – Find the critical few
  7. Validate – Review our ideas
  8. Implement – Make the changes
  9. Observe – Validate the results
  10. Achieve – Sustain your results

Number Two:

POST – Yes, you can learn from others! It’s called benchmarking! (click here)


Benchmarking: the easiest way to summarize this is: learn from others that have gone

before you.  This post will be a little different because I have a few important questions that will help you in this area.  There are a total of 7 power questions that I will cover in this post.

Number Three:

POST – For a Limited time only: My Proven Secret to Profitability (click here)

Why should I keep it in my mind and not share it with you?  This is why I am sharing it now!

But to have you jump to action, I am making it available for a limited time – 10 days.  You yes, 10 days from now I am going to take this post down because it is a unique insight in how process improvement (my background) achieves profitability in many different facets of business.

So do you know the traditional formula for profitability?  It is:

Profitability = Income – Expense

Right, but what is the process improvement definition that makes it MORE valuable?

Hope you enjoyed this summary of my top 3 posts!


Until next time,